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Access Management Guide

The purpose of this Guidebook is to provide an access management resource tailored to the needs of
A/GFTC’s planning and programming area. The importance and many benefits of access management have been well-documented during the past decade. This introduction will provide an overview of the field with following chapters providing more in-depth resources and reference tools. The guidebook includes eight chapters addressing the following topics:

  • Chapter 1 provides a general introduction to access management and its implementation
  • Chapter 2 summarizes the tools and principles introduced in Chapter 1 using national
  • Chapter 3 provides case studies of the A/GFTC Area.
  • Chapter 4 provides sample regulations from across the state.
  • Chapter 5 includes information on permitting new access points.
  • Chapter 6 includes a sample slide show for illustrating and educating the public on access
  • Chapter 7 addresses the impacts of access management techniques on other user groups
    including bicycle, pedestrian and transit users.
  • Chapter 8 provides reference information. (Not available digitally. Contact A/GFTC.)