Roads & Bridges

A/GFTC is responsible for coordinating the programming process for federal investments in the regional surface transportation system. In other words, in order for federal money to be directed to local transportation projects, those projects must be listed on the A/GFTC Transportation Improvement Program. Candidate projects are brought to A/GFTC by its member municipalities for consideration and prioritized through committee consensus.

The bulk of available funds administered by A/GFTC are directed towards repairing, rehabilitating, or replacing federal-aid eligible roads and bridges. In the past, federal funds were generally reserved for the largest and most complex infrastructure replacement and renewal projects. Examples of completed infrastructure replacement projects facilitated by the A/GFTC planning and programming process include:

Reconstruction Projects – Highways

  • Aviation Road roundabout, Queensbury
  • Beach Road, Lake George
  • Broad Street, City of Glens Falls
  • Exit 18 / Main Street /Corinth Road / Broad Street, Queensbury and Glens Falls
  • Glen Street reconstruction / downtown roundabout, Glens Falls
  • Route 4 reconstruction, Fort Edward and Hudson Falls
  • County Route 42 / East Street / Mahaffy Road safety project, Fort Edward

Reconstruction Projects – Bridges

  • Interstate 87 over Route 9 and Trout Brook, Pottersville
  • Interstate 87 over the Schroon River, Bolton and Warrensburg
  • County Route 61 over the Batten Kill, Jackson and Salem
  • County Route 16 over Halfway Brook, Fort Ann
  • County Route 12 over the Mettawee River, Granville
  • Crane Mountain Road over Mill Creek, Johnsburg
  • Valley Road over Patterson Creek, Thurman
  • Route 9 over the Hudson River, Glens Falls and South Glens Falls
  • Route 8 over the Hudson River, Riparius

As of late, a larger share of federal funds have been utilized to extend the life of deteriorating roads and bridges before costly replacements are necessary. We periodically solicit for candidate projects for bridge and pavement preservation projects, intended to keep transportation assets in good condition. Despite capital funding shortages, A/GFTC continues to advance corridor studies and related analyses to inform future investments in infrastructure renewal.