Safety is an important core principle at A/GFTC. As an MPO, we can provide assistance to our members seeking to analyze and improve transportation safety.

Intersection Evaluations

Through our Local Engineering Assistance Program, A/GFTC can utilize traffic engineering professionals to evaluate safety-related conditions at individual intersections, including recommendations for potential improvements. Recent examples include:

  • County Routes 21 & 18, Whitehall
  • Bay and Cronin, Queensbury
  • Crandall & Orville, Crandall & Sherman, Glens Falls

Local System Safety Screening

A/GFTC maintains regional crash summary data on behalf of our member municipalities, including updating the compilations of crash incidents, rates and types for off-State system highways on a countywide basis for Warren and Washington Counties and the Town of Moreau. This data can be accessed directly by our members or used to inform other transportation planning projects, as needed.

Roadway Safety Assessments

These projects examine how safely an existing or planned transportation facility (i.e. road, intersection, sidewalk, multi-use path, or land use development) performs. Safety issues are analyzed by peers and recommendations for improvements are made to the infrastructure owners. Upon request, A/GFTC will help municipalities identify potential candidates and provide staff resources and consulting engineering expertise as necessary to assist with analyses.

Accident Rate Calculations

A/GFTC staff can provide accident rate calculations, redacted crash reports, or statistics for a specific location. The level of analysis is dependent on the data available. For more information, or to request crash data, contact Jack Mance at