Transportation Planning

A/GFTC completes a wide variety of transportation planning projects for our member municipalities. See below for examples of recent projects and planning studies.

Corridor and Gateway Studies

These types of projects are  typically conducted in conjunction with planned major investments in the highway system, in advance of either a significant reconstruction of an existing highway or the construction of a new facility. Recent examples include:

  • Dix Avenue Corridor Study Update
  • Exit 17/Route 9 Corridor Land Use and Transportation Study
  • River Street (Warrensburg) Streetscape Revitalization Plan

Traffic Analysis

By working with traffic engineering consultants, A/GFTC can help our members to analyze how proposed projects will impact traffic patterns and recommend possible solutions. Recent examples include:

  • Aviation Road/Queensbury Union Free School District Access Operations Analysis.
  • Exit 18 Rezone Study (Queensbury)

Vulnerability Assessments/Infrastructure Resiliency Plans

A/GFTC can work with interested municipalities to identify and quantify transportation infrastructure, including bridges and culverts, that may be vulnerable to severe weather events related to climate change, and develop strategies to assist municipalities in pursuing related improvements. Recent projects include:

  • White Creek Watershed (Salem) Infrastructure Flood Vulnerability and Mitigation Assessment

Engineering Assistance Program

A/GFTC can provide access to transportation planning and engineering consultants for eligible municipal transportation projects and proposals at no cash expense to the municipality. Under this program, contracts with consultants (retained and reimbursed by A/GFTC) cannot exceed $20,000. This program has been used to fund a wide variety of types of projects, from intersection safety evaluations to concepts for pedestrian infrastructure. If you would like more information on this program, contact us at or (518) 223-0086.