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A/GFTC Planning Committee Minutes – Wednesday, June 14, 2011  

Attendees Agency
Brian Abare Village of South Glens Falls DPW
Edward Bartholomew City of Glens Falls
Robert Cherry NYSDOT – Region 1
Edward Doughney Warren County DPW
Wayne LaMothe Warren County Planning
Mary Anne Mariotti NYSDOT – Region 1
Tori Riley Washington County LDC
Scott Sopczyk GGFT
Michael Valentine Saratoga County Planning

Greg Roy McFarland Johnson

Aaron Frankenfeld A/GFTC
Kate Mance A/GFTC
Minutes of the Meeting

1. Welcome & Introductions – Aaron Frankenfeld called the meeting to order at 1:30

2. Visitor Issues – There were no visitor issues.

3. Administrative Items
A. Personnel Update: Aaron introduced Kate Mance as the recently hired Senior
Transportation Planner, noting that after Sarah Gebbie-Measeck’s resignation,
approximately 20 potentially viable resumes were received and six interviews
conducted. Kate began work at A/GFTC last week. Aaron requested that the
committee ratify the hiring.


B. Host Agency Agreement: Aaron noted that the current contract with the Lake
Champlain Lake George Regional Planning Board (RPB) is set to expire on July 1. A
smaller committee of the TAC looked into options concerning host agency options for
A/GFTC, namely whether to remain with the RPB or move to another agency. Most of
the sucommittee’s questions regarding the current arrangement were answered.
Aaron stated that his view was that, given the trend in federal agencies to favor
regional planning, A/GFTC should continue its arrangement with the RPB. Wayne
LaMothe asked whether the issues previously raised concerning the financial
arrangement have been addressed, and whether AGFTC has faced any issues with the
timing of reimbursement. Aaron explained that the RPB has taken steps to address
cash flow and ensure timely reimbursements. The DOT is strongly encouraging MPOs
to pursue a 10-year contract with host agencies. Scott Sopcyzk suggested a 5-year
contract with a 5-year renewal clause, if possible. A/GFTC has a draft contract from
Adirondack / GlensFallsTransportationCouncil
11 South Street, Suite 203
Glens Falls, NY 12801
p:  (518) 223 – 0086  f:   (518) 223 – 0584

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TAC Minutes – June 2011
the RPB and Aaron will follow up with DOT on the contract term before executing the
C. Federal Reauthorization: Aaron noted that the Association of Metropolitan Planning
Organizations (AMPO) has obtained a copy of a draft transportation bill proposed by
the Obama administration that would call for the re-certification of all small MPOs,
subject to performance measures which have not yet been identified. A/GFTC is well
positioned to meet any performance measures, and NYS would be likely willing to re-
authorize MPOs, given that the duties would otherwise fall to DOT. There is also no
guarantee that the re-certification provision would be included in the final version of
the bill, as competing bills may set other thresholds. AMPO is circulating letters in
support of small MPOs, and Aaron noted that staff cannot directly lobby federal
agencies, but local elected officials can send letters of support. Resolutions from the
Boards of Supervisors would also be useful. A/GFTC can supply relevant information if
requested. If the MPO was dissolved, there would likely be a period of about 2 years
in which a transition plan would need to be created. Several committee members
requested copies of the draft letter.
4. Transit
A. GGFT Update (Scott Sopczyk): GGFT is in the process of instituting the service
changes as part of last year’s Transit Development Plan. This will provide the same
level of service with a 10% reduction in workforce, which was achieved through
attrition. Some services will be increased, notably Bay Road to ACC/Queensbury Town
Hall, and Glens Falls to Hudson Falls/Fort Edward. The schedule is also more regular.
This plan was put out for public comment, and GGFT worked to address comments
received. The Trolley service begins on a 7-day schedule on 6/25. A recent driver
recruitment effort was successful. The fleet is currently in good shape. Although there
are no immediate issues in terms of federal actions, there is word that a 35%
reduction in 5307 funds may be included in the next transportation bill. If enacted,
this would impact the maintenance of the fleet 4-5 years in the future. Wayne
LaMothe asked for details concerning current ridership and mileage. Scott noted that
annual ridership levels are at about 325,000, and mileage is at about 300,000. This
works out to 1.1 passengers/mile. The cost/hour of the service is the lowest in NY,
and the cost/mile is the second lowest. The cost/passenger trails only transit agencies
with a high proportion of students (such as in Ithaca and Syracuse).
B. Local Engineering Assistance Program (Scott): Creighton Manning was tasked with
designing the new pavement striping pattern under the Local Engineering Assistance
Program, and the City will mill and stripe the pavement in early July.
C. Website Update: Scott noted that enhancements to the website will go live in the next
few weeks. A Google map will be added for the bus routes, which will add
functionality to the site.
5. Annual Work Program
A. Review of Staff and Consultant Activities
1) Queensbury Connector Road RFP (Aaron): Twelve proposals were received on
June 3. A subcommittee comprised of Warren County DPW, T. of Queensbury
Commmunity Development, Washington County LDC, Region 1 Planning, and
the City of Glens Falls have volunteered to review the proposals. The
subcommittee discussed tentative dates to meet, and identified Tuesday, June
21 at 10 a.m. as a possible time. Ed Bartholomew will confirm his availability
to Aaron. NYSDOT may be able to conference in to the meeting as well.
2) Travel Demand Modeling contract (Aaron): The new model is complete. It will
will likely be used on the Queensbury Connector Road and the shovel-ready
site analysis.
3) iPoolNorth update (Aaron): Aaron and Kate attended a meeting at CDTC
offices on June 13 to review changes to the iPoolNorth software platform. The
software, Greenride, is being replaced by the developer with Greenride

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TAC Minutes – June 2011
Connect. The current software will not be supported past 2012. CDTC and
A/GFTC will therefore upgrade the software at the same cost as the current
system. The targeted roll-out is August 2011. The new system will feature an
easier interface and greater local customization of the site. Scott asked about
whether the CDTC park and ride report was complete. Mike Valentine stated
that his understanding was that the report had not been advanced past the
BF&J presentation in March. Aaron will follow up with CDTC and report back.
B. Upcoming Activities
1) WWIDA Shovel Ready Certification (Aaron): A/GFTC has received information
about the Phase 1 buildouts, and will do the traffic analysis for Phase 2. To
complete this, the Hicks Road analysis will be needed. Ed Doughney noted that
GPI was conducting the analysis this week, and would have the information
forwarded to A/GFTC when it is available.
2) Bicycle Map update/reprint (Aaron): A/GFTC is running low on bike maps. The
Warren County Safe and Quality Biking Organization (SQBO) has requested a
number of additions to the map, mainly east-west connectors between
Queensbury and Glens Falls. These routes have not yet been endorsed by the
involved municipalities, and cannot therefore be added to the MPO-issued
map. Aaron has encouraged the SQBO to pursue getting these routes
endorsed by the municipalities. It may be necessary to order a short run of
maps while this effort is underway.
3) Warren County Bicycle Plan (Aaron): A/GFTC is creating a scope of work and
determining whether the Warren County Bike Plan can be an MPO product
given that recreation is a large component of the requested product. It is
possible that A/GFTC can assist with the inventory and conceptual connections,
and that a consultant can be brought in if needed. The next meeting of the
SQBO is on June 29
th. Ed Doughney asked if the plan would include similarities
to CDTC’s priority network. Aaron noted that the A/GFTC’s existing Bicycle and
Pedestrian Plan contained priority corridors that were similar to that concept
and an updated list could be an anticipated product. The intent is also to
produce a document that can be folded into a regional plan which includes the
whole MPO planning area.
4) Aaron noted two items not on the agenda. First, staff is waiting for the GGFT
route changes to go into effect prior to commencing the FTA passenger mile
survey. The recently completed GIS application will make this task faster.
Second, staff will begin work on updating the coordinated Human Services
Transportation Plan. This report was last completed 3-4 years ago, and will be
updated for 2012.
6. TIP
A. Project Updates
1) Warren County (Ed Doughney): Corinth Road is about 75% complete and is
slated to be done in September, ahead of schedule, with reconstruction of the
north side of the roadway complete and coordination to move the power lines
and poles underway. Middleton Bridge is being designed using the relocated
alignment but has been a slow process. Milton St. Bridge in Warrensburg is
about 95% complete, with the water main and walkway being the main
outstanding items. Harrington Road Bridge has been delayed due to high water
levels, and DPW is looking to revise the design to compensate for
groundwater, with a target substantial completion target of September. Beach
Road has received NEPA concurrence and is moving forward with Design
Approval. There was an EPF grant received for pervious pavement for this
project – Ed is meeting tomorrow to identify issues relating to using this
pavement. The final design is anticipated to be complete a bit behind schedule,
with a worse-case scenario construction start of Spring 2012. Construction will

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TAC Minutes – June 2011
not be conducted during the summer tourist season. In response to a question
from Scott, Ed noted that this does not include the DEC portion of the project.
The Alder Brook Bridge is functionally complete after a slight delay from the
high water conditions, with full completion anticipated for August. DPW has
authorized preliminary design on four projects – Hicks Road, Lanfear Road
bridge over Stony Creek, Crane Mountain Road bridge, and Palisades Road
bridge over Brant Lake. In addition, two Make the Connection projects, the
Warren County Bikeway and West Mountain Road bicycle improvements, have
forwarded draft design reports to DOT for approval. DPW anticipates a fall
start on these two projects. Wayne asked whether the TIP amendment for
Broad Street is still going forward. Ed Bartholomew noted that the Common
Council is still pursuing that. Broad Street will not be as complex of a project
as Exit 18 or South Street. The South Street contract will be awarded to
Rifenburg Construction at meeting later that this evening (6/14/11).
2) Washington County: Scott Tracy was not present. Aaron noted that the County
12 bridge in Granville, originally slated for year 4 of the TIP, has been red
flagged and may need to be moved up. The program change could be
accommodated through the changes to the Dewey’s Bridge project. Also, the
CR 61 project has been revised to include a truss, based on the public’s
aesthetic concerns. Mary Anne Mariotti asked about the status was of the
CR10 bridge to Poultney. Aaron noted that the project lead was Vermont, and
that the project had lost some momentum because of the same water issues
facing Warren and Washington Counties. Aaron will look into what kind of
agreement is in place regarding the project and report back to DOT.
3) Saratoga County: Mike Valentine reported that there were no updates from
Saratoga County.
4) NYSDOT: Aaron asked Mary Anne Mariotti for an update on the Route 9 Safety
project in Moreau/South Glens Falls. Mary Anne will check on the status and
report back. The Route 372 bridge over the Battenkill project is on schedule,
with drainage and roadway construction currently underway. The I-87/CR10
project is also on schedule, with an anticipated construction end in June 2012.
The bridge should be open by November 2011. I-87 over Route 9 in
Pottersville has just been awarded; Mary Anne would report back on who had
won the award. I-87 from Exit 18 – Exit 24 is under construction; awaiting
approval from the Main Office for rustic guide railings. Route 9N bridge over
the Hudson is on schedule. Route 196 over the Champlain Canal bridge repair
is underway. I-87 over Gurney Lane bridge repair should be completed by
mid-August. In terms of the Making the Connection project in Argyle, the
project may need to include curbing in order to follow DOT standards. The DOT
residency is providing guidance regarding the extra cost associated with the
curbs. Mary Anne noted that it was a general concern of DOT that the local
participants in the MTC process be aware of the need to incorporate DOT
process and design standards, and that facilities cannot always be replaced in
kind. A pre-application meeting might be useful to let applicants know about
the issues before committing to the projects. Aaron noted that the changes
Mary Anne had submitted previously concerning the next solicitation were
received and would be incorporated. Mike Valentine asked about the status of
the Granville MTC project. Aaron noted that the resident engineer asked that
the sidewalk be moved to the other side of the road, which will require
additional crosswalks. The change will provide added benefits in terms of
pedestrian/vehicle separation and requiring less curbing. Rob Cherry noted
that NYSDOT is still working towards a smart growth policy, and that the policy
could be adapted to solicit projects in the future. Thresholds have yet to be
determined for what constitutes smart growth.

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TAC Minutes – June 2011
B. Amendments and Modifications: none.
7. Other Items: Wayne LaMothe noted that Warren County is sponsoring a
gateway/streetscape project on Route 9 in Pottersville. Cynthia Behan is the consultant
working on the concept design. Wayne and Cynthia met with Mark Kennedy at DOT
Region 1 to incorporate required design and signage elements. The project will require a
DOT permit. Wayne is requesting technical assistance from A/GFTC to advance the
concept design to a point where the Town will be able to apply for a DOT permit. Aaron
noted that the MPO is already committed to the Town of Lake George for engineering
assistance, and will need to check availability. Aaron also noted that A/GFTC is advancing
the residential traffic calming study with engineering assistance, which will identify a
target speed for traffic calming improvements. The project will test a few design
improvements for efficacy, with the goal of identifying a model which could be deployed
in neighborhoods as needed. As part of that process, A/GFTC may need assistance from
Warren County DPW to help with deploying tubes for traffic counts. The Lake George
technical assistance project will commence once the residential traffic calming project is
complete. Rob Cherry asked if the Pottersville streetscape will involve access
management. Wayne stated that it would, especially where needed to incorporate
pedestrian improvements.
8. Next meeting schedule and adjourn – The next TAC meeting was tentatively
scheduled for mid-August.

Mr. LaMothe moved to adjourn the meeting at 3:20.