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A/GFTC Planning Committee Minutes – Wednesday, June 8, 2010 

Policy Committee Meeting

Minutes of Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Ed Bartholomew, City of Glens Falls (rep. Jack Diamond)
Ralph Bentley, Supervisor, Town of Horicon
Mary Ivey, NYSDOT Region 1
Bill Lamy, Warren County DPW (rep. Fred Monroe)
Frank McCoy, Town of Lake George
Daniel Stec, Supervisor, Town of Queensbury
Mike Valentine, Saratoga County (rep. Willard Peck)

Stu Baker, Town of Queensbury
Michael Fiorillo, Village of Hudson Falls DPW
Wayne LaMothe, Warren County Planning
Mary Anne Mariotti, NYSDOT-Region 1
Joe Sullivan, City of Glens Falls DPW

A/GFTC Staff:

Aaron Frankenfeld, Transportation Planning Director
Sarah Gebbie-Measeck, Transportation Planner

I. Welcome & Introductions
1. Chairman Dan Stec called the meeting to order at 1:37 PM

II. Visitors Issues
1. Route 149 Study Request
Aaron reported that the Town of Fort Ann sent him a letter requesting an accident
analysis and speed study for Route 149. DOT had previously done a speed study
in May 2006. According to NYSDOT Region 1 staff, it would not be inappropriate
for them to revisit the speed issue now. Aaron will send a letter to the Town of
Fort Ann supporting their request for NYSDOT to conduct a safety analysis and
speed study.

III. Administration
1. Approval of January, 2010 minutes

No approval of the minutes were made due to a lack of quorum.

IV. Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
1. 2007-2012 Transportation Improvement Program
A. Amendment requests/summary
Aaron reported on the following TIP amendments that were processed since
the January 2010 meeting: Expanded I-87 paving (Exits 18-24), adding the
Make the Connection projects, County Route 12 and Lower Turnpike bridges.

Adirondack / GlensFallsTransportationCouncil
11 South Street, Suite 203
Glens Falls, NY 12801
p:  (518) 223 – 0086  f:   (518) 223 – 0584

June 8, 2010
Policy Committee minutes
Page 2

B. Recent Developments or Action Items for Ongoing Federal Aid Projects

Ms. Mariotti reported that payments to contractors are sporadic, but
stimulus is being paid. They are currently adding up all the MPO TIP
amounts for the STIP. Ms. Ivey noted that the Lake Champlain bridge
has been awarded to Flat Iron. They have an aggressive schedule – the
proposed opening is 2011. Batchellerville Bridge has been awarded but
not let. Route 9P in Saratoga County has been let and awarded.
ii. Warren County DPW
Mr. Lamy reported that Corinth Rd is under construction. Milton St.
Bridge in Warrensburg was temporarily delayed due to utilities, but is
back on track now. Alder Brook bridge in Chester was been awarded.
Tannery Bridge in Stony Creek was delayed due to needing a temporary
pedestrian crossing to supplement Grist Mill Road Bridge as a detour.
Harrington Rd Bridge in Johnsburg is waiting on federal authorization.
Beach Rd will no longer include DEC as a project partner. Construction
is expected to begin in spring 2011. Glenwood Ave and Corinth Rd
(west of I-87) are both being milled and paved as part of the ARRA 1R
stimulus paving.
iii. Washington County DPW
None reported
iv. Saratoga County/Town of Moreau
None reported
v. City of Glens Falls
Mr. Bartholomew reported that the preliminary design for South St was
submitted to DOT. They expect to go to bid by Spring 2011. Mr.
Sullivan reported that Bay St is nearly complete and he is waiting to
hear from Mayor Diamond about finishing two sidewalks for the 2007
Make the Connection round of funding.
vi. Town of Queensbury
None reported

2. 2010 – 2015 Transportation Improvement Program
A. Review of Project Roster
Aaron asked if there were any comments on the proposed TIP. Mr. Lamy noted
that the Palisades Rd Bridge over the Spuytenduival Brook in Horicon was
previously ineligible for major rehabilitation because of the bridge rating but
was just recently yellow-flagged. Ms. Mariotti indicated that it might now be
eligible for element specific work.

Ms. Mariotti asked about the cost of the Route 9 safety project in South Glens
Falls. Aaron discussed that was a change in the project. There were previously
two projects, one to handle congestion mitigation with a roundabout, and one
was a safety project on Route 9. They were combined into one overarching
safety project that will address congestion with coordinated signals. This will
also allow sidewalks to be installed along Route 9 to address a gap in the
system. Mr. Valentine noted that he was pleased to see a project come from
the Route 9 Corridor Study done by BFJ in 2002.

June 8, 2010
Policy Committee minutes
Page 3

B. Approval of TIP/Self-Certification
Motion was made to approve the 2010-2015 TIP and Self-Certification
pending consensus approval from those voting members not in


C. Air Quality Conformity Approval Authority – Aaron asked the Policy Committee
to defer approval of the conformity decision to the Technical Advisory
Committee. This will require another 30-day comment period.

V. Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)
1. GGFT Report – none

2. Consultant Projects
A. Travel Demand Model Upgrade – Aaron reported that Warner Transportation
Consulting is creating an expanded and more user friendly model for A/GFTC.
It should be complete in 3 to 4 months and then staff will receive training.

B. Lake George Corridor – A/GFTC has hired Chazen Companies to create
a streetscaping plan for the Route 9 Corridor entering Lake George from the
south. A public workshop is planned for July 7

C. GIS Services – Sarah reported that Fountains Spatial has completed the TIP
project viewer (Google maps based viewer) and it is now on our website under
the Projects tab. They are working a similar viewer for traffic count data. A
desktop application for pavement scoring is also underway and we hope to
have it complete by the end of this summer.

3. Staff Activities – Aaron reported A/GFTC has moved to a new office location in
Glens Falls. We are planning on hosting a Road Safety Assessment training in
August. We had success with using the RSA process for Route 10 in Washington
County. It is currently in the TIP for $85,000, a low cost for potentially significant
safety improvements. We also sent out a letter to each member municipality
highlighting our availability to conduct RSAs, bicycle/pedestrian and sidewalk
assessments and the ability to retain a consultant for no more than $20,000 as we
are doing for the Town of the Lake George for the Lake George Gateway Corridor

V. Other Items
None reported

VI. Adjourn

Motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 2:15 PM