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A/GFTC Planning Committee Minutes – Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Policy Committee Meeting

Minutes of Wednesday, March 12, 2008 (draft)

Brian Rowback, Regional Director, NYSDOT Region 1
Robert Shay, Supervisor, Town of White Creek
Steven Sweeney, NYS Canal Corp. (rep. Bill Rinaldi)
JoAnn Trinkle, Chairman, Washington County Board of Supervisors
Brian Brockway, Town of Fort Edward (rep. M. Suprenant)
Willy Grimmke, Washington County DPW
Bill Lamy, Warren County DPW (rep. F. Monroe)
Gina LeClair, Deputy Supervisor, Town of Moreau
Dave Rettig, RPPM, NYSDOT- Region 1
Scott Sopczyk, GGFT
Mike Valentine, Saratoga County Planning Board

A/GFTC Staff:

Monika Bulman, Administrative Assistant
Aaron Frankenfeld, Transportation Planning Director
Kristina Hong, Transportation Analyst

I. Welcome & Introductions
1. Introductory remarks- Chairman JoAnn Trinkle called the meeting to order
at 1:37 PM and, on recommendation of staff, declared a quorum of
affected parties.
II. Visitors Issues – None
III. Administration
1. Approval of Officers 2008-2010 (handout)
Aaron explained that the Chairmanship of each committee alternates every
two years between Warren and Washington Counties. 2008 is the first
year of a new two-year cycle.

Motion was made to approve officers for the Policy Committee: JoAnn
Trinkle, Chairman; Dan Stec, Vice Chairman; and Brian Rowback, Secretary;
for the Technical Advisory Committee: Bill Lamy, Chairman; Willy
Grimmke, Vice Chairman


Mr. Valentine asked if the Chairmanship would every end up in Saratoga
County. Aaron answered that there was nothing to preclude that should there
be interest expressed by Saratoga County – based representation.

2. Approval of last meeting’s minutes

Motion was made to approve the December 18, 2007 minutes

Adirondack / Glens Falls Transportation Council

Washington County Municipal Center
383 Broadway, Room A-231 Fort Edward, New York 12828
phone: (518) 746-2199 fax: (518) 746-2441

Policy Committee Minutes
Page 2
March 12, 2008

IV. Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)
1. Transit
A. GGFT Report-Scott Sopczyk – Several weeks ago Betty Little’s
office contacted GGFT regarding the potential of GGFT providing
transportation services to southern Washington County. It was
requested that Scott put together an outline of discussion topics
and hold a meeting for interested parties. Scott also wanted to
express his thanks to NYSDOT for accommodating the installation
of two new passenger shelters as part of the repaving project on
Route 9.

B. Human Services Transportation Plan, Aaron- Seeking approval
of this plan contingent on any comments received before the close
of the public comment period on March 20. The plan is intended to
satisfy a federal requirement that we prepare a locally developed
plan addressing the issues for furthering coordinated human
transportation in our area. A handout portion of the plan, (Vision,
Actions and Recommendations), was distributed to the committee
for discussion. Aaron noted that recently received NYSDOT Region
1 comments were to be incorporated.

A motion was made to approve the Plan with comments included


2. Consultant Projects, Aaron
A. Access Management Study, Aaron – Seeking approval today of
this study. Following the last TAC meeting, members were allowed
additional time to review the document and submit comments.
The TAC recommended the AMS to the Policy Committee for
approval. Since we don’t have the ability to reopen the technical
analyses, comments received from NYSDOT R1 regarding certain
driveway closures on certain parcels in the Study will be noted
within the document that the analysis did not take certain elements
into account and that there are other considerations besides
turning movements within an access change.

A motion was made to approve the Study


The Study will be delivered to municipalities. Part of the Study product was
the development of an educational slideshow. Mr. Valentine requested a
copy be given to CDTC.

B. Aviation Road Corridor Study, Aaron – At the Town’s request we
have expanded the scope of the study for the consultant to take a
more in-depth look at three individual roundabouts that had been
emerging through the planning process as being beneficial to the
corridor. The scope was expanded for a cost of $14,500.

Policy Committee Minutes
Page 3
March 12, 2008

C. On-call engineering services, Aaron – wanted to remind
everyone that we do have 3 contracts available with consulting
engineering firms with the express purpose of assisting
municipalities in the form of transportation engineering services.
These were set up to provide municipalities with services for which
we do not have staff expertise. The contracts are capped at $10K
and a local match of 20% is required. Mr. Rettig suggested that
this service be brought more to the attention of our municipalities.
Mr. Rowback pointed out that when we do these types of studies
on state highways, the municipality stands to benefit not only from
consulting services but from a working partnership with DOT.

D. Exit 20 RFP, Aaron – the RFPs for Exit 20 and GIS Services
should go out within the end of the week. Hope to have
consultants on board for the Exit 20 study to allow work to begin
during the summer peak season. Mr. Rowback and his department
will be paying particular attention to the Exit 20 study.
Replacement of aging parking infrastructure at the Outlets could
factor into a recommended improvement package.

3. 2008 UPWP Update Approval, Aaron – This is an administrative update to
revisit the finances and list progress we made on the existing 2007-2009
program. This update was mailed to our committee members for review.

A motion was moved to approve the administrative 2008 UPWP


4. Long Range Plan, Aaron – At previous meetings a list was circulated for
members to note if they wished to review draft LRP chapters as they were
completed. The drafts would be sent to those people. Drafts of the
Highway and Environmental chapters are nearing completion. Dave Rettig
suggested coming up with a timeline so we meet the October
deadline. Aaron affirmed that it was his understanding that conformity
analysis does not need to be redone providing that the horizon year 2030
is consistent with A/GFTC and CDTC.

5. Review of open funding opportunities, Aaron – This is a reminder to
everyone that the Short-Term Accident Reduction Program for local
highways is available. Applications should be received by April 1
st. In
response to a question from the Town of Moreau regarding the
intersection of US 9 and NYS 197, it was clarified that we are not
considering intersections with state highways as part of this program.
This funding is for local, town, village and county highways.
We do not know how much of the regional allocation of $2.0M will be
awarded to A/GFTC-area projects but we hope to select the best projects
for $400K or under that show a small financial investment coupled with a
substantial safety benefit. We will assist applicants with obtaining
accident data upon request. Mr. Rowback said that NYSDOT was not
choosing to not address safety locations on its system through this
program but rather that NYSDOT has its own safety selection process for
its system and this local funding source was established to address
accident histories on locally-owned roadways that often display a
disproportionately high crash history. Furthermore he noted that the

Policy Committee Minutes
Page 4
March 12, 2008

Department did wish to be informed by local officials of suspected accident
problems on the State system.

V. Transportation Improvement Program(TIP)
1. 2007-2012 Transportation Improvement Program
A. Review of TIP actions Dec 07 to Mar 08, Aaron – Two TIP actions
taken since the last Policy Committee meeting included approving
an additional $1 million for the Rt. 149 job in the Town of
Queensbury and reintroduced County 61 Buffum’s Bridge back
into the program where it belongs.

B. Adjustment of TIP change procedure, Aaron – This is on the
agenda as it pertains to SAFETEALU and its provisions for public
notification and public participation in regards to TIP changes. Any
major amendment needs a 30 public comment period. We are
more or less doing this since any major amendment brought
before the Policy Committee goes before the TAC first, but this will
be formally revised to satisfy the federal organizations.

2. Recent developments or action items for ongoing federal aid projects
A. New York State Department of Transportation, Dave Rettig –
The public meeting for the 197 bridge over the Hudson has not
been held and will probably take place in April. A/GFTC
consideration for changing the scope of the project in the TIP from
a replacement to a rehab has been requested. Since the last Policy
Committee meeting, the department held a transportation forum
on 20-year transportation needs. The existing funding mechanism
rewards fuel consumption and this seems somewhat
counterproductive and places NYS at a disadvantage. Over 20
years $37 billion are set aside for transportation needs. This will
only allow us to keep our system in a little better shape.
Mr. Rettig is trying to set up a meeting with the public and local
officials similar to one that was recently held in the Capital District.
All the elected officials will be invited so they can see what has
been accomplished and what is planned for the area.

B. Warren County DPW, Bill Lamy –
-The Corinth Road/ Exit 18 Corridor Project is currently in ROW
acquisition. Next Wednesday a public meeting on the eminent
domain procedures law will be held. Options for both above ground
power and buried power will be presented. The financial details are
still being worked out.
-The Beach Road Corridor Project, a completed scoping document
has been received and is under review.
-Bridge Projects, they are in various stages of planning.
Stony Creek bridges questions still not answered.
Dave Rettig noted that DOT has a project coming up For Route 9
resurfacing that will require coordination with construction of Beach
Road. The environmental issue of West Brook still needs to be

C. Washington County, Willy Grimmke –
– Rte. 42 is under construction. There have been issues with ROW
with one property owner.

Policy Committee Minutes
Page 5
March 12, 2008
-Whitehall Bridges over the railroad – have ADP under review as
well as comments from the Village. There has been communication
regarding drainage. There is an outstanding issue that the
agreement has to be clear that this is not the county’s bridge.
Washington County DPW is administering the project for the
benefit of the Village. The understanding with the railroad is that
they will be paying non-state, non-federal share. To date Mr.
Grimmke has no signed agreement stating that that is the case and
without that, the County will not advance the project. When it is
time to go to bid, the railroad’s budgeted share must be paid.
-County Rte. 61 is now HBRR-eligible; waiting for a revised
proposal from consultant
-County Rte. 113 over the Battenkill and County 41 reconstruction,
consultant selection is starting
-County 68, should have permission to advertise soon

D. Saratoga/Town of Moreau, Gina LeClair – question re:9/197 was
raised earlier in meeting.

E. City of Glens Falls – no representation

F. Town of Queensbury – no representation

Other Items:

Availability of the enhancement program, Aaron
Deadline for enhancement projects is June 27. Workshops will be held here in April.
Brief discussion on Rogers Island project and the how the selection process is
determined. Mr. Rettig will check on whether Marcheselli funds are available.

Also, question regarding 372 bridge in Greenwich was addressed to Mr. Rettig.
There will be a Village election in several weeks so the meeting should be postponed
until then.

Mr. Brockway let everyone know that the Rte 4 project will start up again and that
there will be detours starting on the 17

VI. Next meeting and adjourn
Next meeting is anticipated in June.
A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 2:57.