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A/GFTC Planning Committee Minutes – Wednesday, March 12, 2014  

Policy Committee Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Attendees Agency
Kevin Geraghty, Chair Chairman, Warren County Board of Supervisors
Ed Bartholomew President, EDCWC
Frank Bonafide RPPM, NYSDOT Region 1
Tracy Conlon Trustee, Village of Fort Edward
John Strough Supervisor, Town of Queensbury
Jeff Tennyson Superintendent, Warren County Department of Public Works
Frank Thomas Supervisor, Town of Stony Creek
Mike Valentine Senior Planner, Saratoga County

A/GFTC Staff:
Aaron Frankenfeld
Kate Mance

1. Welcome and Introductions – Chairman Geraghty called the meeting to order at 1:55.
Staff advised that representation from all three counties and NYS allows for the
declaration of a quorum of affected parties.

2. Visitors Issues – No visitors present.

3. Committee Membership 2014-15 – Aaron noted the roster of A/GFTC committee
members and staff (handout) and listed changes to official positions and voting
membership to the Policy Committee for calendar year 2014:

Officers (two year term)

Chair – Kevin Geraghty, Chairman, Warren County B. of Supervisors
Vice-Chair – Mitch Suprenant, Supervisor, Town of Fort Edward
Secretary – Sam Zhou, Regional Director, NYSDOT Region 1

New Members for 2014

Paul Sausville – Chairman, Saratoga County Board of Supervisors
John Strough – Supervisor, Town of Queensbury
Frank Thomas – Supervisor, Town of Stony Creek

4. Completed and Ongoing Staff and Consultant Activities
A. Summary of tasks – Aaron reviewed the list of accomplishments and ongoing
activities (handout).

Adirondack / Glens Falls Transportation Council
11 South Street, Suite 203
Glens Falls, NY 12801
p:  (518) 223 – 0086  f:   (518) 223 –  0584

B. Approval of Public Participation Plan – Aaron reviewed the contents of the Public
Participation Plan and noted changes to document approval procedures that
would follow.A motion was made to approve the Public Participation Plan.

Moved by: John Strough Seconded by: Frank Thomas Motion Carried

C. Approval of Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan (CHSTP) – Aaron
reviewed the CHSTP update, noting that it was largely and administrative update
to account for changes to federal transportation policy in MAP-21. A motion was
made to approve the CHSTP.

Moved by: Frank Bonafide Seconded by: Frank Thomas Motion Carried

5. Annual Work Program (UPWP)
A. Summary of proposed program – Aaron reviewed the funding levels and content
of the proposed 2014-15 Unified Planning Work Program (handout). Tasks and
activities discussed in more detail included increased performance measurement
requirements, the rural transportation mobility assessment, and the corridor
study reassessments. Jeff Tennyson asked about the performance measurement
requirements – what types of measures would be evaluated, and whether those
would be tied to funding. It was noted that A/GFTC staff data collection
responsibilities were likely to increase. John Strough asked if the mobility study
would focus on developing areas in Moreau and Kingsbury; Aaron answered that
the study would be targeted to more rural, outlying areas. Discussion ensued
regarding the Exit 20 corridor, one of the corridors listed in the draft work
program as a candidate for reassessment. John Strough noted private developers
are willing to construct a portion of a new access road on the east side of Route
9, and that preliminary concepts have been discussed with the Town of
Queensbury. The Town’s next step is to approach the County leadership to
determine potential levels of involvement or support. Aaron reiterated that
A/GFTC is committed to working with the developers and municipal interests
towards a solution.
B. Approval of UPWP – A motion was made to approve the UPWP.

Moved by: Frank Bonafide Seconded by: Frank Thomas Motion Carried

6. Greater Glens Falls Transit Update – Aaron called attention to the summary provided
by GGFT (handout).

7. TIP
Capital Project Updates (major developments since November 2013)
1) Warren County – Jeff Tennyson reported the following:
 Hicks Road – anticipated completion by June 2014
 Crane Mtn. Rd. – structure in place, completion in Spring 2014
 Palisades Road – concurrence obtained on Final Design Report, letting
in Summer 2014
 Make the Connection projects to be constructed this summer,
excluding West Brook MTC, which requires additional archaeological
 Valley Road – DPW is seeking federal concurrence for an alternative
that would entail programming the replacement of a Town -owned
structure for use as a detour, as opposed to constructing a temporary
detour. Anticipated letting in September.
2) Washington County – no report provided.

3) Saratoga County – Mike Valentine noted that the draft Exit 17 / Route 9
would require revisions. He also asked Frank Bonafide if the pavement
markings on the recently completed section of Route 9 in the Village of South
Glens Falls would be re-done, noting that the pavement markings were placed
in late November and not all had adhered to the pavement. Frank said that he
would look in to it.
4) City of Glens Falls – Ed Bartholomew reported that construction on Broad
Street would begin soon, and that design work on Hudson Avenue would
begin in 2015.
5) Town of Queensbury – John Strough reported that the Town is considering
a zoning overlay zone for the Exit 18 corridor that may have traffic impacts
that warrant some analysis. Construction on the Aviation Road / Dixon Road
intersection will begin in April. The Town has completed tree removal on its
own rather than use outside funding. Concerns about the Dix and Quaker
intersection had been raised during the planning process for the South
Queensbury Brownfield Opportunity Assessment. Aaron replied that signal
retiming plan had been developed as part of the Queensbury Avenue
connector road study and that that was awaiting implementation.
6) NYSDOT – Frank Bonafide reported that bids have been received for the
DEC-owned section of Beach Road; winning bid was under the engineer’s
estimate. Substantial completion is expected prior to Memorial Day. Also,
Sam Zhou has been officially appointed to the position of Regional Director.
Kevin Geragthy noted some ongoing traffic related concerns in the Town of
Warrensburg: congestion on Route 9 that will likely worsen with the new
commercial development, and accommodation of left turns near the gazebo.

B. Funding Opportunities
1) Pavement and bridge preservation programs – Aaron reported that a
workshop was held in January to discuss these programs. Solicitations are
currently underway for pavement and bridge preservation project
candidates – bridge program for 2014-15 is limited to bridge painting only;
$3.0M programmed, do not expect to receive this much in requests;
pavement program – $1.790 M, pavement repairs and thin single course
overlays for federal aid eligible facilities; communities with eligible
infrastructure should consider taking advantage of this program.
2) Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) – Aaron reported that eligibility
includes on-road and off-road trail facilities for pedestrians, bicyclists,
community improvement activities, including improving roadway safety in
transportation rights-of-way and erosion control, and environmental
mitigation activities. Participation in training webinars is required for
applicants; two are scheduled for next week. Staff would send around
links for those. Application deadline is June 11.
3) FTA 5310 – announcement of funding program is still pending. Additional
details will be distributed once those are available.

8. NYSAMPO Issues – Aaron summarized the HTF briefing letter prepared by NYSAMPO
staff, highlighting potential funding issues with highway trust fund (insolvency by fourth
quarter if no congressional action is taken). Notices of proposed rulemakings are starting
to be released; many of these will address performance measurement requirements
included in MAP-21; impact on A/GFTC staff responsibilities could be significant; also
unclear how well Preservation First programming strategy fits in with these.

9. Other Items – none

10. Next meeting and adjourn – Next meeting – October 15 – Meeting adjourned at 3:05.