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A/GFTC Planning Committee Minutes – Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Attendees Agency
Members and Participants
Frank Bonafide RPPM, NYSDOT Region 1
Trace Conlon Trustee, Village of Fort Edward
Kevin Geraghty Chairman, Warren County Board of Supervisors
Kevin Hajos Deputy Superintendent, Warren County DPW
Preston Jenkins Supervisor, Town of Moreau
James Lindsay Supervisor, Town of Kingsbury
Ron Montesi Supervisor, Town of Queensbury
Scott Sopczyk Director, GGFT
John Strough Deputy Supervisor, Town of Queensbury
Mitch Suprenant Supervisor, Town of Fort Edward
Steve Sweeney Division Engineer, NYS Canal Corp.
Matt Traver Mayor, Village of Fort Edward
Michael Valentine Senior Planner, Saratoga County Planning
Sam Zhou Regional Director, NYSDOT Region 1


Aaron Frankenfeld A/GFTC
Kate Mance A/GFTC
Monika Bulman A/GFTC
Minutes of the Meeting

1. Welcome & Introductions – Mitch Suprenant called the meeting to order at 1:34.
A. Committee representation update – Aaron, The new members of the committee
were introduced.
2. Visitor Issues
A. Warren County Safe and Quality Bicycling Organization – John Strough,
(handouts). Mr. Strough commented on needed improvements to Route 9L to make
it safe and attract bicycling. This year WCS&QBO hopes to attract Medalist
Sports, a sporting events promoter based in Atlanta. This makes it essential that the
portion of 9L from Lake George Village to Bay Road be re-constructed.

3. Administrative Items
A. Resolution 13-1 approving Functional Classification changes – (Aaron)
(handout) The new federal highway legislation (MAP 21) took effect October 1,
2012 and changed National Highway System eligibility for Principal Arterials
A/GFTC was asked to review the federal aid-eligible highway network to see if
there were candidates that were designated as Minor Arterials that should be
designated as Principal Arterials. NYSDOT and A/GFTC staff conferred and the
following candidates were advanced: NYS Route 9N in its entirety in Warren County,
NYS Route 29 from the Saratoga County line eastward to the intersection of NYS
Route 372 in the Village of Greenwich, and a section of US Route 9 bounded by NYS
Route 149 in the Town of Queensbury to the south and by NYS Route 9N in the Town
Adirondack / GlensFallsTransportationCouncil
11 South Street, Suite 203
Glens Falls, NY 12801
p:  (518) 223 – 0086  f:   (518) 223 – 0584

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of Lake George to the north. These roadways will be eligible for National
Highway Performance Program funding pending approval of the resolution.

A motion was made to approve Resolution 13-1

B. In-kind service rates update (handout) – (Aaron) MPO planning activities that
are federally funded require a local match. Committee members are asked to
complete the In-kind Service forms so an accurate accounting of time contributed
can be documented.
4. Annual Work Program (handouts)
A. Completed and ongoing staff and consultant activities – Aaron went over the
list of A/GFTC accomplishments for 2012-2013.
B. 2013-14 UPWP – Aaron, a summary of the draft work program, the basic
financial tables and tasks was distributed to committee members prior to the
meeting. The TAC approved the draft when it was presented to them in January.
The public comment period closed on February 19. No public comments were
received. The overall program amount is relatively level from the previous year
despite having a new MPO in the state that will draw down from shared statewide
funding allocations.

A motion was made to approve Resolution 13-2 the final 2013-2014 UPWP


5. Greater Glens Falls Transit Update, Scott Sopczyk
Operations are doing well. A record-high in ridership occurred in 2012. Night
service, including service to ACC, is under review. Consideration is being given to ID
cards for full time students riding the bus. GGFT is gearing up for the summer
On the capital side: roof replacement on the building, purchasing four new small
buses, updating the capital program for the TIP. No major expansion is expected.
Sam Zhou asked about the GGFT operating budget. Scott replied that it is $1.7M.
Questions were asked regarding the possible rerouting on Route 4 during
construction. Scott has spoken with the project engineer and they hope to keep
two way traffic flowing.
6. TIP
A. Project Updates
1) Warren County, Kevin Hajos
Warren County has 18 open federal projects. Ten are bridge projects,
three road projects, and five are Make the Connection projects.
There are only two projects that are authorized right now, Lanfear
Road and Beach Road.
 Corinth Road still has a claim on eminent domain in court so
the project cannot be closed out.
 Middleton Bridge over the Schroon River-working with the
attorney general’s office to see if the bridge can be moved
north one mile on to land deemed as State Forest Preserve.

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 Milton Street Bridge Project in Warrensburg is completed
 Warrensburg Road and Grist Mill Road in Stony Creek, waiting
on resolution of micropiles issues
 Harrington Road over Mill Creek in Johnsburg is completed and
closeout documentation is being progressed.
 Beach Road, under construction, eastern segment of the project
is for the most part completed, West Brook Culvert is also
 Alder Brook Bridge in Chester – waiting on Marchiselli approval
to close out project
 Hicks Road has design approval
 Lanfear Road, all bids were rejected last year; project was put
back out to bid
 Crane Mountain, ROW proceeding will start soon
 Valley Road, PE phase was authorized June 11
 Blair Road over Mill Brook, just distributed RFPs
 Palisades Rd, conducted additional geotechnical investigations
 Make the Connection: West Mountain Road, 149 sidewalks,
bike path and grade crossings, Cameron and Lawton Avenue
bikeway connectors will be paved.

2) Washington County, a written report from DPW was given to Aaron
 CR 12, significant progress
 CR 61 over Battenkill was been awarded
 CR 16 over Halfway Brook, had a public information meeting
and work is progressing
 CR 10 over the Poultney and Whitehall (shared project with the
state of Vermont), waiting for Vermont to initiate and take the

3) Saratoga County – no comments, interested in status of Route 9
4) NYSDOT, Frank Bonafide
 Rte 29 over Blackbridge in the Town of Salem was let on June
12 for replacement
 Rte 4 in the Village of Hudson Falls should be starting up,
contractor is on site getting ready to begin
 Rte 9 Safety Project (see above), will be let tomorrow
 197 over the Hudson, August 15 letting
 4/149 intersection improvements in Fort Ann, October letting,
are in the ROW phase
 Rte 28N over the Upper Hudson River Railroad in the Town of
Johnsburg , October letting
 Two projects let together will be Rte 4 over the Champlain
Canal in Whitehall and Clinton Street removal over the Canal
(Theatre Bridge)
 Beach Road, the section between the two Warren County pieces
will be let this summer

5) Make the Connection Program awards, Aaron
This is a small set-aside we provide annually for small scale bicycle
and pedestrian related improvements. This year we awarded two
applicants: Town of Warrensburg-sidewalk improvements and

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Washington County – extend sidewalks from Rte 4 to the Municipal
Center campus in Fort Edward.
There are some leftover funds. A/GFTC was approached by DOT to
consider using some of these funds for the sidewalk portion of the Safe
Routes to School application in Warrensburg, allowing portions of that
project to be put out to bid rather than have them completed by
municipal forces. That discussion is ongoing.

B. Amendments and Modifications – Aaron, the Town of Putnam rail crossing
project has been added to the TIP via an amendment that was previously

C. 2014-19 Transportation Improvement Program, Frank Bonafide
1) Programming Direction and Targets – Slideshow
Frank outlined NYSDOT”s Forward Four programming strategy and the
implications of that strategy on the Region’s Capital Program Update and the
TIP that is being developed. The potential benefits of moving away from a
worst-first repair and replace approach to bridge and pavement maintenance
strategies were illustrated. Redefined federal funding eligibility, the new
programming approach, and the 30% of certain programs that is setaside for
competitive statewide solicitation and Commissioner’s reserve will leave little
available capital for major rehabilitation or replacement-type projects after
FFY 13-14.

2) Schedule – (Aaron) The TIP is under development. We will
have a draft out for public review in April.

Frank Bonafide (handout) announced the five projects that were advanced by
Region 1 for consideration for the Strategic Transportation Enhancements
Program, including the Route 9 Gateway project in Lake George.
Aaron acknowledged Region 1’s effort to make this project selection process
inclusive and collaborative.

7. Other Items
8. Next meeting and adjourn: The next meeting will be May 15.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made at 2:55