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A/GFTC Planning Committee Minutes – Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Meeting Minutes of the A/GFTC Technical Advisory Committee
October 16, 2013

Attendees Agency
Stu Baker Town of Queensbury Community Development
Ed Bartholomew Warren County EDC
Michael Breault Washington County DPW
Rob Cherry NYSDOT Region 1
Tracy Conlon Trustee, Village of Fort Edward
Christina Doughney CHA
Karen Hulihan NYSDOT Region 1
Preston Jenkins Supervisor, Town of Moreau
Wayne LaMothe Warren County Planning
Keith Oborne Town of Lake George
Chris Round Chazen Companies
Dan Rourke Barton and Loguidice
Ron Shaffer NYSDOT R1
Scott Sopczyk Greater Glens Falls Transit
John Strough Deputy Supervisor, Town of Queensbury
Jeff Tennyson Warren County DPW
Scott Tracy Washington County DPW
Mike Valentine Saratoga County Planning

A/GFTC Staff:
Aaron Frankenfeld
Kate Mance

1. Welcome and Introductions: Aaron opened the meeting at 1:32.
2. Visitors Issues: No visitors issues were presented.
3. NYS 9N Bicycle and Pedestrian Issues – Letter from Bolton – Lake George: Aaron introduced
the letter from the Towns of Bolton and Lake George that had been previously circulated to
committee members. Keith Oborne spoke on behalf of the Town of Lake George, affirming
concerns with bicycle and pedestrian safety issues along NYS Route 9N between Lake George
Village and Bolton Landing. Rob Cherry discussed the crash data from the corridor, noting the
sections of the roadway did feature crash rates that were slightly higher than statewide
expected rates, but not enough so that safety analysis would typically be initiated. Wayne
LaMothe and Aaron conveyed prior conversations with Bolton Town Supervisor Conover
stating a desire to investigate targeted bicycle and pedestrian space improvements along the
corridor where possible in the short-term, noting that corridor-wide width extensions were
more likely in the long-term. Noting the emphasis on bicycle and pedestrian safety, Rob
agreed to request to have the matter investigated further by NYSDOT and engage in
additional discussions with the Towns upon receipt of the findings of that investigation.
4. Exit 20 Corridor – Letter from T. of Queensbury – Aaron introduced the letter from the Town
of Queensbury, also previously circulated to committee members. John Strough expanded
Adirondack / Glens Falls Transportation Council 
11 South Street, Suite 203  
Glens Falls, NY 12801 
p:  (518) 223 – 0086  f:   (518) 223 –  0584 

upon the introduction, noting the Town’s position that new development concepts (150,000
square feet of potential development since plan was written) and persistent traffic issues
combined to warrant a fresh look at the previous plan and consideration of new alternatives.
Mike Valentine noted that the original plan was only four years old. Aaron added that the sum
of the new development concepts had been included within the forecasts contained in the
plan, and questioned whether there was an alternative that could garner the kind of
consensus support that would be necessary to implement improvements. Ed Bartholomew
highlighted the concern for emergency vehicle access during peak traffic periods, and added
that one of the developers was looking to change his business model by attempting to attract
a different kind of retailer. Wayne LaMothe noted that improvements on privately-held land
would be essential. Discussion ensued regarding traffic impact fees, which are currently not
assessed in Queensbury. Wayne LaMothe suggested that the Town clearly identify specifically
what has changed since the 2009 study. Scott Sopczyk noted that the 2009 study was itself a
follow-up to a previous study, and that nothing would change until developers got on board.
Preston Jenkins stated a need for stronger access management as implemented by planning
boards. Aaron stated that if the goal is to review and assess the surface transportation utility
of potential privately implemented improvements then that would be a worthwhile endeavor,
but there is simply no programming capacity available for congestion related improvements
for State-owned highways. Procedural requirements for amending the UPWP were discussed,
as was the potential applicability of A/GFTC’s Local Transportation Planning and Engineering
Program. It was agreed that Town would look to set up a meeting with the development
interests in an attempt to reach consensus on a way to move forward. Aaron would
participate and report back to the committee. If attitudes have indeed changed with regard to
potential improvements, that could prove to be beneficial.
A. Completed / Ongoing Activities
1) On-call assistance projects
a. Fire Road Pedestrian Improvements – Kate reported on the status of the
project. Of the three alternatives that have emerged throughout the course
of the study, the preferred alternative consists of a shared use path along
Jerome Avenue and Fire Road, a raised crosswalk between Crandall Park
and the YMCA, and new sidewalk connection on the south side of Fire Road
to Glen Street. The estimated cost to implement that alternative is
$470,000. The final report, currently being drafted by CME, would include
implementation and funding source options.
b. Bay / Sanford Crash Analysis – Aaron reported that CHA has completed a
draft analysis that is currently being reviewed by the Glens Falls Board of
Public Safety, with comments requested by the end of October. The
intersection was found to have a crash rate that is over double the
statewide expected rate, with rear-end and angle accidents the most
common. The visibility of the traffic signal is thought to be an issue.
Recommendations include trimming and removing vegetation on two of the
approaches, corrected the pedestrian signals, lowering the position of the
signal heads, installing reflective backplates behind the signals, and, longer
term, consider access changes to Hunter Street immediately to the south of
the intersection.
c. Request for new project – Crandall / Sherman intersection – Aaron – GFPD
has requested an intersection analysis of Sherman Avenue and Crandall
Street to review crash patterns and signal operations. The City’s Board of
Public Safety has been approached by intersection neighbors concerned
about crashes and circulation. We have solicited letters of interest from our
four participating consulting and received a response from all four, with

costs ranging from $3,650 to $7,000. Consultant selection will take place
before the end of this week.
2) Exit 17 Land Use Study – Aaron reported on the project. Since the last meeting,
CME and Behan Planning have met with Town officials to review developable
property and previous proposals that could impact traffic operations. That data was
analyzed and results were presented to the Study Committee during the August 26
meeting. We had hoped to have something to report from the October meeting,
but that has been rescheduled for 10-21. Preliminary improvement concepts will
be presented then.
3) Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan update – Kate – A considerable amount of
data collection had been completed during the summer by A/GFTC’s Planning
Assistant. We took the extensive amount of data collected this summer and have
done the GIS analysis for shoulder width, using the same methodology as the
Warren County plan. We also received some input from stakeholders in Washington
County and the Town of Moreau concerning the priorities of cyclists, which were
mapped. We are exploring the potential to use GIS to analyze where pedestrian
improvements are needed. Syracuse recently presented some success with a
model they created, based on factors like proximity to pedestrian generators and
population density.
6. Long Range Plan update –
A. Comments on draft – Kate summarized the results of the public outreach activities,
including a public meeting and a staffed display at the Washington County Fair, and the
associated technical revisions that had been made to the draft LRP since the last
meeting as a result of that outreach as well as committee member review. Aaron noted
that no committee action is requested at this time – the draft has already been approved
and approval of the final will be considered by the Policy Committee at its November
7. Transit
A. GGFT Update – Scott Sopczyk reported that the FTA triennial review of GGFT had been
recently completed, and that ongoing construction projects on Route 4 in Hudson Falls,
Route 9 in South Glens Falls, and Hicks Road in Queensbury had posed some operational
8. Transportation Improvement Program
A. Amendments and Modifications – Aaron summarized recent TIP changes to the TIP,
including necessary modifications to several Make the Connection Program projects and
the additional of the CP Rail project in Fort Edward that had been approved at the last
meeting. A new amendment request from the Town of Lake George was presented. The
Town has been award funding from the NYS Strategic Transportation Enhancement
Program (STEP) to advance design of the proposed Lake George Gateway Project on
Route 9 between Exit 21 and the Village of Lake George. The project was selected from
a regional prioritized list; as such, there is no local competition for these funds as no
other project is currently eligible. A total of $900,000 in matched federal funds is
requested for preliminary and detailed design. A motion was made to approve the
Moved by: Wayne LaMothe Second: Jeff Tennyson Motion Carried

In response to a question from Wayne LaMothe, Rob Cherry emphasized that the selection
was for design only. While a future construction award is anticipated under the same
program, that is not guaranteed. The Town is advised to complete the design process in a

timely manner in order to maximize the potential for construction funds to ultimately be
B. Project Updates
 Karen Hulihan circulated a project tracking spreadsheet for local project delivery
 Jeff Tennyson reported on several Warren County projects. Completion is
anticipated on Crane Mountain Road bridge by next month. Hicks Road is on
schedule for a Spring 2014 completion. Blair Road and Valley Road are
progressing. The county is working in house to resolve ROW issues with Palisades
Road over Brant Lake inlet. The scope of the Make the Connection project on
West Mountain Road has been extended northward. The use of the MTC funds is
one of the only ways that the County can look to implement specific
improvements for bicyclists when it is having a very difficult time keeping pace
with deteriorating pavement conditions. Aaron added that we would be meeting
with the Warren County Safe and Quality Bicycling Organization to reiterate that
the shift to a maintenance-oriented program did not necessarily constitute a
positive opportunity to implement bicycling improvements.
 Scott Tracy reported on Washington County projects. CR 12 over the Mettawee
River is on schedule to open on October 25. CR 61 should be completed in the
spring. The County was working through some utility location discrepancies
related to the CR 16 project. Closeout paperwork was being completed for
Dewey’s Bridge. County 12 and Hatch Hill Road will be the first project in Spring
 Reacting to the DOT spreadsheet (noted above) Tracy Conlon asked about the
status of the Mullen Park MTC project. Karen agreed to look into it and respond.
 Ed Bartholomew reported that the Common Council has authorized moving
forward with the Broad Street project. Aaron noted that bids for the project were
above the engineer’s estimates and that additional program adjustments may be
required in the future as a result.
 Stu Baker reported that ROW acquisition was moving forward for the Aviation
Road project.
 No project specific updates were provided by NYSDOT. Rob Cherry noted the
staffing realignments that have been necessitated by dwindling staff resources.
 Frank Bonafide reported on NYSDOT projects. Work on U.S> Route 4 continues.
the 197 bridge over the Hudson River is scheduled for an 8/15 letting. Route 28N
over the Hudson is due to be let in October. The Route 4/149 intersection project
will be out for bid in October; ROW has been successfully acquired. Removal in
advance of replacement of the Route 4 bridge over the Champlain Canal in
Whitehall is scheduled for December. Frank also reported that Region 1
performed well in project delivery as compared to other DOT regions, but noted
that delivery of the Make the Connection program projects could be improved.

C. Preservation program solicitation – (Aaron) At the last meeting, it was decided that a
subcommittee of this group would by conducting the selection process. Application and
selection criteria have been drafted and circulated to that group with no comments
received. Unless there is additional discussion today, we will finalize the materials and
get them out next week, with an eye on selected projects before year’s end. Karen
asked if we were soliciting for construction, design, or both for the first year of the
program. Aaron noted that there was discrepancy in PINs between the A/GFTC and
CDTC TIPs that R1 was familiar with and that he would look in to resolving that before
conducting the solicitation.
D. Make the Connection solicitation (Aaron) – A program solicitation for MTC was pending.
Project delivery has been an issue with this program. We are looking for suggestions to

improve deliverability. Citing the success noted with regard to the West Mountain Road
project, Jeff Tennyson noted that opportunities to build new connections, even short
ones, were limited and that we should consider focusing on enhancing existing projects.
Staff agreed with this suggestion.
E. TEP (Aaron) – two of the 20 projects received by Region 1 were from this area (Lake
George and Warrensburg). Staff would be participating in the regional prioritization
process. A meeting will be held to review and prioritize all 20 projects on 10/22 at CDTC.
Mike Valentine asked about next steps; the response was that a single prioritized list
would emerge from that meeting and be transmitted to the Main Office by the end of the

9. Other Items – none

10. Schedule next meeting – The next meeting will be December 18. The next Policy
Committee meeting is scheduled for November 20.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:22.