Draft Glen Street Intersections Pedestrian Access Study

Draft report assessing pedestrian access issues at the intersections of Glen Street / Bay Street / South Street and Glen Street Washington Street / Sherman Avenue in Glens Falls, including suggested mitigation efforts for municipal consideration.

TIP amendment request – NYSDOT regional paving projects

Draft TIP amendment request, approved by the A/GFTC Planning Committee for public comment, from NYSDOT seeking an amended project listing to A/GFTC TIP Project # REG 117 to add $6.900M in additional funds to support pavement rehabilitation and repairs for 5 sections of State highways within the A/GFTC area.



Draft Chestertown Pedestrian Improvements Report

Conceptual report commissioned by A/GFTC and prepared by Creighton Manning on behalf of the Town of Chester to assist the Town in identifying potential pedestrian improvements to connect the hamlet area southward to the Chester-Horicon Health Center.