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A/GFTC Planning Committee Minutes – Wednesday, February 28, 2007  

Attendees Agency Phone Fax
Blanche Alter Town of Queensbury 761-8221 745-4437
Michael Fiorillo Village of Hudson Falls 747-4544 747-5597
Mark Galough Washington Cty.Planning 746-2290
Willy Grimmke Washington County DPW 746-2440 746-2441
Tom Kearney FHWA-NY 431-4125 431-4121
Wayne LaMothe Warren County Planning 761-6410 761-6411
William Lamy Warren County DPW 761-6556 623-2772
Mayor Bob Phinney South Glens Falls 793-1455 793-3063
David Rettig NYSDOT 388-0456 388-0430
Scott Sopczyk GGFT 792-1086 792-7952
Mike Valentine Saratoga County Planning 884-4705 884-4780
Walter Young LCLGRPB 668-5773 668-5774

Lee Ecker Clough Harbour & Assoc 453-3984
Len Fosbrook EDC Warren County 761-6007 761-9053
Larry Mulvaney NYSDOT 388-0432
Lisa Penistan Warren County DPW 761-6556 623-2772

Aaron Frankenfeld A/GFTC 746-2199 746-2441
Kristina Hong A/GFTC 746-2199 746-2441
Minutes of the Meeting

1. Welcome & Introductions –TAC Chair Willy Grimmke and called the meeting to
order at 10:07 AM with ten voting members present.

2. Visitor Issues – Lee Ecker of Clough Harbour & Associates was in attendance,
and will do a presentation on the Fort Edward Industrial Access study at this
group’s request.
3. Administrative Items –A. Approval of last meeting’s minutes

A motion was made to approve the January 10th meeting minutes.


4. Fort Edward Industrial Access study – Lee Ecker of Clough Harbour &
A request at the January 10 meeting for a presentation detailing the study for
Fort Edward’s Industrial Park, was given by Lee Ecker of CHA. The presentation
detailed the background of the study, undertaken by the Town of Fort Edward, to
find solutions and evaluate alternatives for access to the Industrial Park.
Lee answered questions about current occupancy, ownership, future development
and the dewatering facility.

Adirondack / Glens Falls Transportation Council

Washington County Municipal Center
383 Broadway, Room A-231 Fort Edward, New York 12828
phone: (518) 746-2199 fax: (518) 746-2441

TAC Minutes
February 28, 2007
Page 2

5. Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)
Due to time constraints, discussion of ongoing UPWP tasks was limited.
A. Transit Report GGFT- Scott Sopczyk: GGFT has submitted its five year capital
program for inclusion in the upcoming TIP. 5310 procedure was discussed.
Staggered bus procurement was suggested to smooth out the budget, but
Scott noted that buying vehicles in large groups was advantageous for
B. Consultant Projects, Aaron
2. Aviation Road Corridor Study
A possible expansion of scope of this project to include Aviation Road
westward to West Mountain Road was raised. The WMR intersection has an
elevated accident occurrence. The committee agreed that it is worth
investigation given the reasonable fee offered by WSA.
C. Staff Activities, Aaron
• Problems between Exit 20 and 149 persist and officials in Warren
County believe that the area warrants further consideration. We can
add this to our draft UPWP but another planning study may need to be
removed as a result of limited staff resources. The committee directed
staff to recommend a revision to the draft TIP to the Policy Committee.
• Scott and Aaron had a meeting with Washington County at its request
to discuss analysis of human services transportation. A similar meeting
with Warren County’s department heads has been scheduled for March
The draft has been sent to committee members and delivered to public offices
for a 30 day public comment period. It is also available on our website.

6. TIP
A. Project Updates
Due to time constraints there were no reported project updates.
B. 2007-2012 TIP Development
1. Preliminary list of Projects
A draft of the 2007-2012 Transportation Improvement Program’s
preliminary listing of projects was distributed. Project dates and accuracy
were reviewed. Discussions included:
Saratoga County projects

• The bridge between Hadley and Luzerne WAR 144 is no longer on
the TIP because it is not HBRR-eligible.
Warren County

• Project 175382 and 175557, Routes 9 and 254 congestion
improvements and Quaker Road signal coordination saw a
significant cost increase, which limits the amount of funds to be
carried forward. Additionally, the signal coordination portion seems
incomplete. NYSDOT, Warren County, and the Town of Queensbury
are working to resolve the situation.
• Exit 18/Corinth Road (WAR 02 and 03) is still Warren County’s
main priority. Cost increases are included in the obligated column
of the draft. The eligibility of Senator Betty Little’s earmark was
raised as the funds are SDF and potentially not applicable to off-
system projects. It is Aaron’s understanding Bob Hansen had
suggested applying these funds towards the local match of the
NHS-eligible segment of the corridor. Dave Rettig concurred that
this was likely an eligible application.

TAC Minutes
February 28, 2007
Page 3
• Beach Road reconstruction (Project 175728) currently comprises
the county owned portions of the roadway on either side of the
state park. Warren County is currently in discussion with DEC
about combining the section of the highway (within the state park)
with the outer portions. More information on STP funds
(programmed vs. allocated) is needed to determine if there is room
in the TIP for an expanded Beach Road project. Bill Lamy stated
that he believed that Beach Road would be considered to be a
higher priority within Warren County than the second section of
Corinth Road west of Big Bay Room.
Washington County

• The resurfacing on Route 22 and the armor coating on Route 196
should be listed as Post-TIP, not “deleted.”

Bridge Projects
• CR 61 (Buffum’s) is currently not HBRR-eligible despite its poor
condition. Willy noted that Buffum’s is a higher priority than
Shushan and would like to reverse the dates for those projects. As
non-eligible projects cannot be programmed in the first three
years, the County will wait until a new inspection report is available
before requesting a TIP amendment.
• Additionally, CR 10 over the Poultney in Whitehall is currently not
HBRR-eligible, but Washington County is working with Vermont to
align inspection scheduling as maintenance and rehabilitation for
this structure is a shared cost.

A motion was made to approve the reviewed projects as the contents of the
draft TIP for Policy Committee consideration pending additional review from
NYSDOT and A/GFTC staff.


7. Next meeting/adjourn – The next meeting is scheduled for
Tuesday, April 24
th at 1:30 pm in the 2nd floor classroom at
Washington County Municipal Center. Wayne LaMothe made a motion to
adjourn the meeting at 12:25 pm.