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A/GFTC Planning Committee Minutes – Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Technical Advisory Co mmittee Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Attendees Agency
Brian Abare Village of South Glens Falls
Stu Baker Town of Queensbury
Ed Bartholomew EDCWC
Frank Bonafide NYSDOT Region 1
Rob Cherry NYSDOT Region 1
Tracy Conlon Chairman, Warre n County Board of Supervisors
Christina Doughney CHA
Mike Fiorillo Village of Hudson Falls
Harrison Freer Warren County Safe and Quality Bicycling Organization
Karen Hulihan NYSDOT Region 1
Chris Round The Chazen Companies
Dan Rourke Barton and Loguidice
Scott Sopczyk Director, GGFT

A/GFTC Staff:
Aaron Frankenfeld
Kate Mance

1. Welcome and Introductions – Aaron called the meeting to order at 1:32.

2. Visitor Issues – Harrison Freer introduced himself as a representative of the Warren
County Safe and Quality Bicycling Organization. He stated that improving conditions for
bicyclists along New York State Route 9L wa s a top priority of WCSQBO, and he asked
about the planned repairs scheduled for 2015 . Frank Bonafide replied that the NYSDOT
was currently faced with bicycling improvemen t requests for both Route 9L and 9N; with
reconstructions unlikely in the short-term, it would be difficult to implement an adequate
level of improvement within the scope of a pa vement repair project. For that reason, the
9L improvements have been pushed from 2015 to 2016 to allow for additional
considerations. Additional details will be shared with the committee as the project evolves.

3. Items From Last Meeting
A. NYS 9N Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Is sues – DOT responded to the request for
a bicycle and pedestrian-speci fic safety analysis with a letter to A/GFTC dated
November 7; that was forwarded to the municipalities on 12/9. The conclusion
articulated in the response was that, base d upon a review of bike/ped – related
crashes, there was no correctable pattern of bike/ped incidents present along the
corridor. An additional a ssessment has since been conducted by the Department,
Adirondack  /  G lens  F alls  Transportation  C ouncil  
11 South  Street,  Suite 203  
Glens  Falls,  NY  12801  
p:   (518)  223  – 0086   f:    (518)  223  –  0584 

also concluding that no safety recommendations are to be made as a result of
crashes along the corridor .
B. Exit 20 Corridor – There has been no wo rd from the Town of Queensbury or EDC
on any developments regarding a meeting of property and business owners that
was to be assembled in response to a request for a re-evaluation of the Exit 20
study. Stu Baker stated that the Town was working to advance this. Ed
Bartholomew stated that there was interest on behalf of the owner of the former
Montcalm Restaurant property. Aaron noted meeting with ownership and
management of Lake George RV Park to discuss their concerns pertaining to the
corridor. Rob Cherry asked if an articulation of the changes in conditions that had
been requested by the TAC had materializ ed; Stu responded that that would be
up to the stakeholders. The Town ha s data collected from development

A. Completed / Ongoing Activities
1) On-call assistance projects
1. Fire Road pedestrian improvemen ts – final document has been
received from Creighton Manning Engineering.
2. Bay / Sanford crash analysis – following incorporation of comments
from the Glens Falls Board of Pub lic Safety, the final document has
been received from CHA.
3. Crandall / Sherman intersection analysis – the Glens Falls Board of
Public Safety has approved the recommendations within the draft
plan and will pursue removal of a tr affic signal that meets no signal
warrants. Final document has b een received from The Chazen
4. Pavement scoring report – paveme nt scoring report was completed
by CME in early December – 2nd year of analysis – scores are
pretty consistent, average down by .07. Frank asked when the
previous analysis had been done; Aaron guessed that it was either
2004 or 2006. Rob asked if the contract was a one-year
assignment. Aaron responded that it was, but the second year was
awarded to the winning firm from the first year to preserve
evaluation consistency and minimize initiation costs.
2) Exit 17 Land Use study – a draft plan has been produced by CME and will
be reviewed by staff and the commi ttee prior to scheduling a public
outreach session.
3) Bike/Ped plan update – Kate pres ented initial work on a GIS-based
pedestrian generator model based on a similar approach developed by
SMTC. The model is intended to foreca st anticipated pedestrian activity
from a variety of inputs, including residential and commercial land uses.
Significant discussion ensured regarding criteria. Staff will investigate
incorporation of commercial lodging and recreational facilities. The
general consensus was that this approach is useful addition to the
bicycle and pedstrian plan.
4) Document Updates
1. CHSTP – Kate stated the reason for updating the plan (compliance
with MAP-21) and that the Plan wa s just updated one year

prior. A
motion was made to approve the CHSTP update for public review.

Moved By: Scott Sopczyk Seconded by: Stu Baker Motion carried
2. Public Participation Plan – Aaro n summarized the elements of the
draft, including:

 regular meetings will be advertised and held in accessible
locations; time devoted to visito rs issue will be included on
the agenda
 staff will retain office hours, also in an accessible location
 establishes a hierarchy of pr oducts, with core documents
and major planning studies (those with distinct tasks in the
UPWP) 30 day public comment pr ior to approval, with core
documents accompanied by legal notice
 technical reports will be made available in draft form online
for 14 days
 affirms website as primary me ans of communication, to be
supplemented by social media
A 45-day public comment period is required by MAP-21. Scott
Sopczyk noted that GGFT references the MPO’s public
participation plan and reques ted that the relationship between
the public transportation operator and the MPO be called out
within the document. Rob note d that the enclosed graphic, as a
linear depiction of the project development process, may not
accurately capture the actu al MPO process. Aaron agreed to
have another look at the graphic.
A motion was made to approve the draft for public review.
Moved By: Stu Baker Seconded by: Brian Abare Motion carried
5) 2014-15 Program
1. Summary of Proposed Program – Aaron summarized the draft
UPWP (handout). Carryover funds are up slightly, with incoming
new federal funds essentially le vel from the current year. New
tasks were highlighted, includin g those requested by various
municipalities (Warren County, Fo rt Edward, Glens Falls). Major
studies are to include corridor study reassessments and a regional
public transportation study for non-urban areas.
2. Approval for Public Comment – A motion was made to approve the
document for public review.

Moved By: Frank Bonafide Seconded by: Stu Baker Motion carried

5. Transit
A. GGFT Update – Scott Sopczyk that GGFT wa s in the process of receiving a new
trolley and selling a reti red vehicle at auction.
B. FTA 5310 Update – Kate reported on NYSD OT’s timeline to conduct a solicitation
for FTA 5310 funds. The targeted date fo r applications is April 2014, and program
workshops are planned for stakeholder outreach.

6. TIP
A. Amendments and Modificati ons – Aaron summarized the minor administrative TIP
actions taken since the last meeting – (11,000 ROW to CR 16; 70,000 INCD to
Lake George Gateway project).
B. Project updates from sponsors – A a

ron read from a summary provided by Warren
County DPW, noting among other items the ongoing discussion of alternatives for
Valley Road. Scott Tracy reported that PS&E for CR 16 had been delivered on
time. Stu Baker stated that closings on 3 of the 4 properties required for the
Aviation Road project had been scheduled, with eminent domain required for the
fourth. A letting is anticipated in March. Ed Bartholomew noted that Broad Street
was moving towards a Spring 2014 construction. Frank reported that the low bid

for Route 4 over the Champlain was below estimate, and that most of this year’s
capital program had already been let.
C. Preservation program meeting recap – Aaron summarized the 1/16 meeting of
area public works and highway superint endents to discuss the preservation
programs – turnout was moderate, but the municipalities with the majority of
eligible highways were there – among the items discussed for pavement were
eligibility, possible treatmen ts and the availability of a state contract for vendor
placed pavement that could reduce admi nistrative and design activities; on
bridges, a consultant-based project se lection approach was discussed. Warren
County DPW has concurred with the consultant-based approach provided that the
counties are still empowered to choose their own candidates.
D. Make the Connection solicitation – Aaro n – one application received so far;
deadline is January 31 – will be looking for volunteers to review and prioritize the
E. Highway Safety Improvement Program solicitation – NYSDOT is conducting a
solicitation for safety projects – that has been forwarded to committee members
with a deadline of 2/21. Frank noted the funding mechanism established by MAP-
21. Aaron noted that an annual HSIP setaside (separate from this solicitation)
was available to be programmed. Chris Round asked if the Bay/Sanford
intersection, recently studied by A/GFTC, was a potential candidate.
F. Transportation Enhancements Program announcement – Aaron – TEP awards
were announced last week – the LG Ga teway Project was among four from the
region that were selected. Frank noted that projects within the region fared well
and that this was likely somewhat attribut able to the regional concurrence on a
singular list of priorities.

7. Draft 2014 meeting schedule – Aaron passed out the draft schedule, noting a potential
change of the December meeting to No vember. Committee members were asked to
identify any potential schedule conflicts and notify A/GFTC staff.

8. Other Items / Adjourn – the meeting was adjourned at 3:03.