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A/GFTC Planning Committee Minutes – Wednesday, June 13, 20017

Policy Committee Meeting

Minutes of Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Ralph Bentley, Supervisor, Town of Horicon
Harry Gutheil, Chairman, Saratoga County Board of Supervisors
James Lindsay, Supervisor, Town of Kingsbury
Bob Phinney, Mayor, Village of South Glens Falls
Merrilyn Pulver, Supervisor, Town of Fort Edward
Dave Rettig, NYSDOT- Region 1
Robert Shay, Supervisor, Town of White Creek
Dan Stec, Supervisor, Town of Queensbury
William Thomas, Chairman, Warren County Board of Supervisors
JoAnn Trinkle, Chairman, Washington County Board of Supervisors
Walter Young, Director, LC/LGRPB

Willy Grimmke, Washington County DPW
Bill Lamy, Warren County DPW
Lisa Penistan, Warren County DPW
Joe Rich, FHWA
Scott Sopczyk, Director, Greater Glens Falls Transit
Steve Sweeney, NYS Canal Corp
A/GFTC Staff:

Aaron Frankenfeld, Transportation Planning Director
Kristina Hong, Transportation Analyst

I. Welcome & Introductions
Chairman Bill Thomas called the Policy Committee to order at 10:07 am.
II. Visitors Issues-
Jeff Jacobs inquired about the lack of bicycle and pedestrian accomodations
on the newly paved and striped West Mountain Road in Queensbury. Mr. Stec
deferred discussion to Chairman Thomas, who in turn, allowed Bill Lamy to
explain the decision to not stripe for bikes. Mr. Lamy explained that Warren
County DPW had looked into bicycle lanes for the entirety of West Mountain
Road, and that for a safe travel lane, the County would invoke eminent
domain to in order to acquire ROW from some residents along the road. The
DPW Committee then voted to not use eminent domain since the lanes would
be for recreation purposes. Mr. Jacobs countered that shared shoulders along
the road would not require eminent domain to be used, and that travel along
West Mountain Road would not be for just recreational uses, and that bicycle
lanes are also a mode of transportation. Chairman Thomas reiterated that Mr.
Jacobs’ complaints were best directed at him in his capacity as Chairman of
the Board of Supervisors.

III. Administration
1. Approval of last meeting’s minutes
Motion was made to approve the March 14, 2007 minutes

Adirondack / Glens Falls Transportation Council

Washington County Municipal Center
383 Broadway, Room A-231 Fort Edward, New York 12828
phone: (518) 746-2199 fax: (518) 746-2441

Policy Committee Minutes
Page 2
June 13, 2007

IV. Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)
1. Transit Report – GGFT – Scott Sopczyk handed out and discussed GGFT’s
report. Three new diesel, air-conditioned trolley have been placed into
service this Spring. GGFT is also planning to replace four 16-passenger
minibuses in 2008 and four 30ft transit buses in 2009 in order to meet
2007 diesel emissions standards. Additionally, GGFT is working with
downtown businesses and attractions to operate a trolley loop through the
central business districts this Summer on a demonstration basis.
A proposed 25 cent base fare increase is expected to be effective in July
after a public comment period. There will also be a series of public forums
in late June for comments and suggestions on GGFT services.
2. Consultant Projects-Aaron
a. Access Management Study-RSG has finished the Educational Slide
Show to share with the public and municipal board members.
Additionally, the Regional Guidebook is nearly finished, as is the
technical documentation that illustrates many of the scenarios of traffic
demand resulting from increased development. A letter was also sent
out to municipalities about a Summer workshop asking for credit for
planning and zoning members that attend. Hopefully the finished
product will be ready for adoption by the next meeting and that
municipalities will in turn adopt the guidebook.
b. Aviation Road Corridor Study – The study has progressed slowly as
Wilbur Smith Assoc. and the Chazen Companies wait for developments
from the School District about their next steps. The study scope has
been expanded to include the intersection with West Mountain Road.
There is a July being scheduled to discuss alternatives. Mr. Stec
emphasized the community desire to see some results from this
c. Traffic Count Program-Lochner Engineering is being retained to do
additional traffic counts. The next count will come in August to better
understand our peak seasonal traffic. If there are other municipal
count requests, we can forward them to our consultant for
d. On-call Engineering Services- From eleven received proposals, staff
selected the firms of Creighton Manning Engineering, Chazen
Companies and Resource Systems Group. The three cover a range of
expertise. Municipalities that wish to take advantage of the program
should contact Aaron with candidate projects. Study amounts are
limited to $10,000 including local match.
3. Staff Activities – Aaron
a. Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan
This plan is required to access funding from three FTA programs.
Meetings were held with both Washington and Warren County Boards
to discuss transit services in each county, and surveys were distributed
to department heads to better understand the populations served and
underserved. 24 surveys were returned, and now a census-based
needs assessment is being under development.
b. SAFETEA Compliance/ Long Range Plan update
The Committee has received the SAFETEA Compliance Plan which
addresses our efforts to continue to comply with federal mandates of
the transportation bill. Work on the Long Range Plan continues; we
are keeping in step with work that CDTC is finishing on air quality
conformity, and are on track to finish in the fall.

Policy Committee Minutes
Page 3
June 13, 2007

V. Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
1. Discussion altered from agenda – The handouts)represent schedule and
funding changes since the last approved draft TIP. No deletions to projects
have been made. All dates indicate construction years.
A. NYSDOT – Dave Rettig
The Regional offices have been dealing with a lot of
overprogramming on a statewide level – and changes needed to
be made in order to provide funds for many of the projects.
Typically the MO is willing to accept minor overprogramming but
will not during this cycle. The two handouts of changes to the
2007-2012 TIP illustrate those projects that have delayed or
otherwise changed to preserve fiscal constraint. (list was
B. Warren County – Bill Lamy
All of the bridge projects are moving ahead in one form or
another. The Corinth Road project is in the ROW acquisition
phase, and there was recently a DOT meeting to make sure there
was enough funding for this project. The Connector Road is also
progressing, and the hope is for Spring 2008 construction.
Warren County is additionally entering into a partnership with the
Department of Environmental Conservation to do a reconstruction
of Beach Road in Lake George. The beginnings of scoping are
moving ahead there.
C. Washington County – Willy Grimmke
Covered bridge projects are nearly done. Buffum’s bridge was
recently red flagged, so hopefully the inspection report will be
forwarded quickly so the bridge can be added to the HBRR list.
Discussion ensued about the 197 bridge over the Hudson being
functionally obsolete, and that rehabilitation does not seem to be
the best option, although DOT is considering not replacing the
structure due to historical artifacts in the land around the site.
D. Saratoga County/ Town of Moreau
Mr. Gutheil wonders if the Spiers Falls intersection realignment
will include Fortsville Road, and also if a left turn signal from the
westbound portion of 197 to the southbound portion of Route 9
will be in place any time soon. Aaron will check on both items.
E. City of Glens Falls – Not Present.
F. Town of Queensbury
Nothing to report outside of the Aviation Road study.
2. Draft 2007-2012 Transportation Improvement Program
A. Review of changes from previous draft (handout)
B. Approval of final 2007-2012 TIP and Air Quality conformity
A Motion was made to approve the final 2007-2012 TIP and Air
Quality Conformity Determination


VI. Other Business
Irving Tissue would like access improvements as part of the Route 4
reconstruction. Dave Rettig noted that a formal request must be sent to his
office very soon in order for that to happen.
VII. Next meeting and Adjourn
September 12 at 1:30 PM – Warren County Municipal Center, Room 6-103
The meeting adjourned at 11:30.