Call for planning projects

A/GFTC seeks candidate transportation planning project requests from its member municipalities to advance the objectives of cooperative and coordinated regional transportation system improvement planning as outlined in this attachment. Please note that this request is for conceptual planning projects and technical assistance only; A/GFTC’s operating funds cannot be spent for advanced design or construction of projects.

Please also note the following:

  • There is no application form. A simple letter or email message describing the issue and location will suffice.
  • Local project requests will be accepted from Towns, Villages, Counties, and the City of Glens Falls. Those requests should be sent to A/GFTC by the chief elected official (Mayor or Supervisor).
  • Municipalities submitting multiple program requests are asked to indicate their prioritization of those requests.
  • Previous requests that have yet to be addressed by A/GFTC due to time or resource constraints may be re-submitted.
  • Awarded projects consistent with A/GFTC’s Planning Principles will be managed by A/GFTC staff and its consultant partners at no direct cash cost to municipalities. Local matching contributions are required in the form of in-kind services for all municipally sponsored projects.

Program requests are due to A/GFTC staff by December 12, 2022.