Draft Glen Street Intersections Pedestrian Access Study – public comment

The draft report for the Glen Street Intersections Pedestrian Access Study, commissioned by A/GFTC for the City of Glens Falls and prepared by Barton & Loguidice, has been released for public review and comment and is available here. The report includes field assessments and observations of pedestrian mobility issues at the Glen Street / Bay Street / South Street and Glen Street / Washington Street / Sherman Avenue intersections in the City of Glens Falls. Recommended mitigation efforts are included and prioritized based upon anticipated impact and ease of implementation. Written comments on the document will be accepted through November 19, 2021 and may be transmitted via email to info@agftc.org, the Contact Us module of the A/GFTC website (www.agftc.org), or by conventional mail to A/GFTC, 11 South Street Suite 203, Glens Falls, NY, 12801.