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A/GFTC Planning Committee Minutes – Wednesday, December 10, 2010  

Policy Committee Meeting Minutes

Friday, December 10, 2010


Ed Bartholomew, City of Glens Falls (rep. Jack Diamond)
Ralph Bentley, Supervisor, Town of Horicon
Rob Cherry, NYSDOT Region 1 (rep. Mary Ivey)
Mike Valentine, Saratoga County (rep. Willard Peck)
Steve Sweeney, NYSCC (rep. William Rinaldi)


Wayne LaMothe, Warren County Planning
Mary Anne Mariotti, NYSDOT Region 1
Kevin Hajos, Warren County DPW
Scott Sopczyk, GGFT
John Wheatley, EDC Warren County

A/GFTC Staff:

Aaron Frankenfeld, Transportation Planning Director
Sarah Gebbie-Measeck, Transportation Planner

1. Welcome and Introductions
In the absence of the Chair and Vice-Chair, Aaron called the meeting to order at
1:35 PM.

2. Visitor Issues

3. Administrative Items
A. TAC Co-chairman Election Results – Aaron reported that the TAC elected
Mike Valentine as the committee co-chair.
B. Operations Plan / Host Agency Agreement
The current host agency agreement with the Lake Champlain – Lake
George Regional Planning Board will expire in April 2012 and the
agreement takes about a year to renew. Aaron reported that the LCLGRPB
has been challenged to cover our finances due to late reimbursements from
NYSDOT. The LCLGRPB recently obtained a line of credit to help with these
cash flow issues and are agreeable to continuing to host A/GFTC. Wayne
LaMothe asked if there were other options. Warren County and the City of
Glens Falls were listed as possible alternatives.
C. In-kind Reporting
Aaron reported that A/GFTC will be contacting TAC and Policy Committee
members to request information that will allow staff to better document
committee member in-kind time.
4. Transit
A. GGFT Update
Scott Sopczyk reported GGFT capital projects have included adding two
new trolley buses to replace to old ones, executing a bid award for one new
Adirondack / GlensFallsTransportationCouncil
11 South Street, Suite 203
Glens Falls, NY 12801
p:  (518) 223 – 0086  f:   (518) 223 – 0584

December 12, 2010
Policy Committee Meeting Minutes
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hybrid bus, completing the relocation of the Ridge Street transfer station
and the update of computer and telephone systems. A radio system
replacement and new in ground vehicle lift are planned for early 2011.

GGFT has seen 2010 ridership increase by approximately 2%. Work is
continuing on the implementation of the Transit Development Plan
recommendations. A new shared website with A/GFTC has been developed.
Scott also noted data (handout) that demonstrated, that despite the
comparatively small scale of its operations, GGFT achieved very low
operating costs per mile and operating costs per passenger

Discussion ensued regarding an estimate of the percentage of ridership
that originated from tourist trips. Scott estimated that approximately 1/3
of all trolley trips were taken by tourists. Bolton has also seen an increase
in ridership and GGFT will be looking into increasing the frequency of trips
to Bolton.

B. FTA 5310 Awards
Aaron reported that two out of the four applications from the A/GFTC area
were awarded FTA 5310 (services for elderly and disabled passengers)
funds – Community, Work & Independence (CWI) and Battenkill
Community Services. CWI’s application was ranked #1 statewide by

5. Annual Work Program
A. Review of Staff and Consultant Activities
1) Local Transportation Planning and Engineering Assistance Program
a. Lake George Gateway Corridor
Aaron reported that the Gateway Corridor study is essentially
final and anticipates that the Town of Lake George will
consider the document for adoption at its 12/13 meeting.
b. Glens Falls Residential Traffic Calming
Aaron reported RSG was hired as the consultant for this
project. A neighborhood walk through was conducted. The
methodology for the project will be refined over the winter
and data from demonstrations will be collected in the spring.
This will include assessing local residents’ perception of
vehicle speed. The primary concern of residents seems to be
speed of vehicles and safety for pedestrians.
2) Travel Demand Modeling Contract
Aaron reported that Warner Transportation Consulting has created a
working model continues to refine calibration. We should have a
complete model within another month and a half.
3) GIS Services Contract
Sarah reported that Fountains Spatial has completed a Traffic Count
viewer, a TIP Project viewer (both on the A/GFTC website) and a
Transit Ridership application (which will assist GGFT with calculating
their passengers per mile as required by FTA). The Pavement
Scoring application will completed very soon. The last of the issues
were being worked out this morning.

December 12, 2010
Policy Committee Meeting Minutes
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4) Village of Greenwich Bicycle and Pedestrian Assessment
Sarah reported that, as part of A/GFTC’s UPWP and in conjunction
with the Washington County Healthy Communities Coalition, a
bike/ped assessment was completed for the Village of Greenwich
this past fall. Each Village street was assessed for bicycle and
pedestrian accessibility and assigned a score and then ranked. A
draft assessment was given to the Village for their comments and
then A/GFTC will open it up to NYSDOT comments.
5) iPoolNorth Update
Sarah reported that Ecology and Environment agreed to lower the
annual maintenance fee from $10,000 to $7,900 for iPoolNorth
based on the smaller user base. iPoolNorth currently has 94 users.
We will upgrade to new platform (GreenRide Connect) when CDTC
(ipool2 is the Capital District’s ridesharing site) does. A/GFTC is
considering expanding iPoolNorth to include commuters in Essex
County. Mary Anne Mariotti asked to be notified as to what A/GFTC
decides to do.
B. Upcoming Activities
1) WWIDA Shovel Ready Certification
Aaron reported that the WWIDA asked A/GFTC for assistance with
completing an informal traffic impact analysis in order to obtain
shovel ready certification. An estimate to complete such an analysis
by a consultant would be $2,500. The TAC felt the WWIDA should
use their own funds for such an analysis. WWIDA presented this at
their last meeting and have decided not to hire a consultant, but will
request A/GFTC staff assistance to complete this. This is contingent
upon A/GFTC upgrading its HCS software and travel demand model,
which is currently being done. A/GFTC staff will complete as much
of the analysis as they feel they are capable of doing.
2) Bicycle Map Update / Reprint
Aaron reported that it is time to reprint and update the existing bike
map. There is one trail segment that is currently shown as stone
dust and it has since been paved. The Warren County Safe and
Quality Bicycling Organization has expressed an interest in having
the map show additional cycling routes, Aaron has indicated to both
Queensbury and Glens Falls that they will need municipal
designations of routes in order for them to be included on the map.
Wayne LaMothe noted that there is an interest to expand the
Warren County bikeway through Lake George and into the towns of
Warrensburg and Chestertown and would like to explore the process
for local municipalities to designate portions of State highways.
3) HUD Community Challenge Grant
Ed Bartholomew reported that the City of Glens Falls was awarded a
planning grant for $200,000. This will assist with planning for a
parking structure in downtown Glens Falls with the possibility for a
GGFT stop/access and housing for community elements such as the
Glens Falls Farmer’s Market and other festivities. A/GFTC has
agreed to provide staff time for in-kind services.
C. 2011-2012 Work Program
1) Candidates for inclusion
Aaron reported that GGFT has approached A/GFTC about adding
some upgraded mapping to the transit website. Aaron also
reported that the Town of Queensbury has mentioned potentially

December 12, 2010
Policy Committee Meeting Minutes
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doing a feasibility study for a connector road between Quaker
Road and Queensbury Avenue (south of the airport).Scott Sopczyk
added that A/GFTC could include a study to assess the park and
ride adequacy at each exit along I-87 and tie in with CDTA’s
current park and ride study (which only goes to Exit 20).
2) Solicitation
Aaron asked if the committee would like A/GFTC to go ahead with
a formal solicitation. The committee responded that yes a formal
solicitation should be conducted.
6. TIP
A. Project Updates
1) Warren County
Kevin Hajos reported that Tannery Road bridge has been completed.
The Milton Street bridge has wrapped up construction for this year and
will finish next year. Corinth Road will have a skeleton crew working on
utilities over the winter and then full road reconstruction will begin in
the spring. Beach Road is still in the design phase. Harrington Road
bridge will go out to bid in 2011. The RFP just went out for Hicks Road
and Crane Mountain Road. Warren County will also be submitting a few
applications for the Make the Connection program.
2) Washington County – no report
3) Saratoga County
Mike Valentine reported that the Route 9 project at Exit 17N now has
striping in, but the light is not operational yet. Mary Anne Mariotti
reported that the light should be working by the end of the month.
Aaron noted that NYSDOT will be in contact with the Village of South
Glens Falls and the Town of Moreau regarding their safety project
Mary Anne reported that the Route 9 bridge over the Hudson River in
Hadley/Luzerne will be completed in 2012. The resurfacing of Route 9
and drainage on West Brook Road in Lake George is starting now. The
resurfacing of I-87 is complete to Exit 20. The two bridges on I-87 over
the Schroon River will resume March 1
st, 2011. Route 372 in the Town
of Easton will also resume March 1st, 2011. Trucks were not being
rerouted and DOT will work with online programs like mapquest and
google maps to fix this.
Aaron reported that he met with the Village of Hudson Falls and DOT
last week to confirm the Route 4 project design limits. The project will
be designed up to the Feeder Canal bridge.
Wayne LaMothe reported that Warren County is working with the Town
of Corinth to identify ways to increase the railroad services between the
two counties. Wayne also noted maps that the NYS Rail Plan needs to
be corrected to show that Warren County’s rail line is active. Wayne
would like to start an amendment process to clarify this with DOT.
B. Amendments and Modifications
1) City of Glens Falls request to reprioritize projects
Aaron reported that the City of Glens Falls has asked to reprioritize
their projects in the TIP. They would like to replace their number
one priority (Hudson Ave) with a new project (Broad Street) and
replace their number two priority (Dix Ave) with Hudson Avenue.
The TAC previously approved this amendment pending resolution of
questions posed by DOT, which is ongoing.

December 12, 2010
Policy Committee Meeting Minutes
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C. Make the Connection Solicitation
Aaron reported that A/GFTC is soliciting for projects under the Make the
Connection program. In past years A/GFTC has been able to fund all
project applicants. This year we are anticipating more requests than we
can fund. We will be asking committee members to serve on a
subcommittee to rank and select project awards after the proposals are
due on December 15
th. Wayne LaMothe indicated he’d be available to serve
on that committee.

7. Other Items
None reported at this time

8. Next meeting and adjourn
Aaron reported that the TAC will meet in mid-January and mid February to approve
the draft 2011-2012 UPWP. The Policy Committee can then expect to meet again in
early March to adopt the final UPWP.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 PM