TIP Amendment request – withdrawal of WAS 170

The Washington County Department of Public Works ahs requested a n amendment to the A/GFTC Transportation Improvement Program to remove A/GFTC project # WAS 170 from the program. WAS 170 is currently two projects: bridge replacement for County Route 74 over Fly Creek in the Town of Easton, and bridge replacement for Hickory Hill Road over Camden Valley Creek in the Town of Salem. Due to pressing structural needs, the County has elected to pursue project implementation with its own resources rather than seek federal funding assistance.

Adding or deleting projects from the TIP require that the public be provided with an opportunity to review and comment prior to A/GFTC Policy Committee consideration for approval. Comments will be accepted through September 13, 2021 and may be transmitted in writing by email to aaron@agftc.org or by conventional mail to A/GFTC, 11 South Street #203, Glens Falls, NY, 12801.