Rural Workforce Transportation Plan Now Available

The Rural Workforce Transportation Plan was declared complete by the A/GFTC Planning Committee on December 13, 2023. This plan, created in partnership with the Lake Champlain-Lake George Regional Planning Board, is intended to develop a comprehensive understanding of the transportation needs and gaps which hinder workforce participation in the A/GFTC region, identify opportunities to improve connectivity of workers to employment centers, and identify transformative transportation infrastructure projects. A link to the plan can be found here:


A/GFTC staff and our consultant partners are currently working on the following planning initiatives:

  • Conceptual plan for a new bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure connection between Halfway Brook and Hudson Pointe in the Town of Queensbury (Alta Planning+ Design);
  • Conceptual plan for an extension of the Warren County Bikeway bewteen Lake George and Warrensburg (Alta Planning+ Design);
  • Pavement condition scoring throughout the Glens Falls Urban Area (Creighton Manning Engineering)

Recently completed activities include:

  • Rural Transportation Needs Assessment and Options Analysis (Steadman Hill Consulting)
  • Phase 1 of Local Traffic Count Assistance Program (The Traffic Group)
  • Aviation Road / QUFSD Access Analysis (Barton & Loguidice)