A/GFTC staff and our consultant partners are currently working on the following planning initiatives:

  • Conceptual plan for a new bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure connection between Halfway Brook and Hudson Pointe in the Town of Queensbury (Alta Planning+ Design);
  • Conceptual plan for an extension of the Warren County Bikeway bewteen Lake George and Warrensburg (Alta Planning+ Design);
  • Pavement condition scoring throughout the Glens Falls Urban Area (Creighton Manning Engineering)

Recently completed activities include:

  • Rural Transportation Needs Assessment and Options Analysis (Steadman Hill Consulting)
  • Phase 1 of Local Traffic Count Assistance Program (The Traffic Group)
  • Aviation Road / QUFSD Access Analysis (Barton & Loguidice)

Bicycle-Pedestrian Priority Map

A/GFTC recently updated the Regional Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan, which includes the identification of a Priority Bicycle Network and Priority Pedestrian Areas. To review the plan, please click here.

The map below represents the MPO’s priorities for future improvements for bicycle and pedestrian facilities. This map also shows existing bicycle and pedestrian trails throughout the region.