Title Pub Date Link Text
Argyle Pedestrian Network Extension Study 11/29/2018 Text
Halfway Brook – Hudson Pointe Trail Connector Study 10/11/2018 Text
2018-2019 Unified Planning Work Program: Administrative Update 03/01/2018 Text
Regional Bicycle Map 10/30/2017 Text
Rural Transportation Needs Assessment and Options Analysis 09/01/2017 Text
Aviation Road / QUFSD Access Operations Analysis 04/22/2017 Text
White Creek Watershed Flood Vulnerability and Mitigation Assessment – final report 08/24/2016 Text
Dix Avenue Corridor Study Update 06/09/2016 Text
Exit 18 Rezone Study (final) 03/18/2016 Text
CR 21 and CR 18 intersection safety evaluation 03/09/2016 Text
River Street Streetscape Revitalization Plan 05/01/2015 Text
Electric Vehicle Charging Station Location Analysis 05/01/2015 Text
Jackson Heights Elementary School Transportation Study 03/17/2015 Text
Exit 17 / Route 9 Transportation and Land Use Study 10/27/2014 Text
Regional Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan 09/02/2014 Text
Bay / Sanford Intersection Evaluation 01/27/2014 Text
City of Glens Falls School Circulation Study 08/20/2012 Text
Bay / Cronin Intersection Evaluation 08/20/2012 Text
Glens Falls Residential Traffic Calming Study 05/30/2012 Text
Warren County Bicycle Plan 05/01/2012 Text